Hey there! We're Marae and Paula from the Travel Family Academy, two moms who are all about helping other moms like you learn to travel with kids and have the financial freedom to do so. 


Marae's love for travel didn’t slow down with motherhood; it transformed into a new mission. She's been globetrotting since she was 16 and found a way to keep the adventures going with a little one in tow. You can catch her stories over at @bravefamilytravel.


Paula, who you’ll find at @diraryofanintrovertmum, has always been a travel enthusiast. She turned the challenge of traveling with kids into a mission to prove it's not just possible, but enriching too.


Our paths crossed in Crete in September 2021, sparking a friendship and soon after, the idea for Travel Family Academy. We blend Marae’s strategic prowess with Paula’s creative spark, making sure busy moms like you get straight-to-the-point, practical strategies that help you grow and Monetize Instagram and if you so wish, travel with kids. 


Curious about diving deeper with us? Join our "Who Let The Moms Out” sessions for honest, unfiltered chats about the ups and downs of motherhood, all shared with a dose of humor and heart. It’s your go-to podcast for support and laughs.


And don’t forget to come hang with us on Instagram @TravelFamilyAcademy.