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Grab our Ultimate Airport Diaper Bag Checklist to ensure a smooth airport and travel days with your toddlers.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  1. Simplify Packing: It helps you pack smart, not heavy, ensuring you have all the essentials without the extra bulk. Just what you need for smoother moves through the airport!

  2. Peace of Mind: Forget the worry of leaving something important behind. This checklist has you covered from diapers to snacks, so you can focus on the journey and your little traveler.

  3. Quick Access: Designed for on-the-go efficiency, it organizes your bag so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it‚ÄĒno more frantic searches!

Grab our Ultimate Airport Diaper Bag Checklist to ensure a smooth airport and travel days with your toddlers.


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Became a Master at keeping it all together when flying with your baby/toddler


With "Baby On Board," wave goodbye to travel anxieties and embrace the adventures that lie ahead.

Here's how you can benefit:

- Less Stress: by knowing what to expect and planning the most important parts of the trip you will have way less stress during both planning and the trip itself.

- Practical Solutions: The "Baby on Board" provides practical, tested strategies for keeping toddlers entertained, managing their sleep routines, and dealing with mid-flight tantrums. And you can download it to your phone or tablet in case you need an idea mid flight!

- Knowledge: We share all the knowledge and effective techniques to handle the challenges of traveling with young children, from birth until 4 years of age.

Get your copy today and step into a world where family travel is filled with laughter, not tantrums. 


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The Ready To Fly Mom Course

Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating Air Travel (baby en tow) with Confidence

Just picture this: you're boarding a 9hr flight to your first vacation as a mom, and your baby is ready to sleep, everyone feels prepared, and you are confident you can handle whatever happens on this flight. 


Do you think you would be more likely to go on family vacations  if you:

  • could¬†start¬†looking forward to flying¬†with your baby¬†?
  • could envision¬†your¬†family vacations¬†without the fear of flying popping up every time you started planning a new trip?
  • no longer felt overwhelmed about flying¬†with your baby/toddler


If you answered YES to any of these, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Oh man, and just picture yourself confidently going through security without feeling like an octopus with its head cut off!

No more stress at the airport, now it's just another day of family fun. 


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Joana P.

"I am mommy to 15 month old and your ebook saved me so much!!. I love travelling and
you gave me strength to travel with my Baby for his first 22 hours flight journey and trust me we made it so well!! Thanks for showing and normalising the things." 

Beth S.

"Thank you. I used the seat guru you suggest it's so handy. Managed to swap our bassinet seat for better one not near the toilets!"

Sophie T.

"I didn't know I could use a car seat, no one ever talked about it."

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